Her soul is a fire,Her body a hearth, Her skin,brown like the earth from whence she came... She is warmth in the winter,Burns ruby red in the summer,Cool in the spring and autumn, She is life bearer...At the possibility you'd stareRegardless of the closest contactSkin still bareFree from burns even though her fire flares So… Continue reading Fire


Humans with no humanity…

Smile...Tell that to the young Somalian with no food to eat, no water to drink , only bones left as the world looks at them as worthless toothpicks, to the soldier who risks his life for less than a penny, fights for peace, yes, that is ironic. Smile...Tell that to the hooker at your street… Continue reading Humans with no humanity…

Diary of a hopeless romantic - short story


Why is it so hard for you to acknowledge your wrongs, to tap out of your comfort zone for her, Is she not worth seeing you at your lowest? Seeing you when you do not want her to? Why is it so hard for you to put her first, to understand her pain and act… Continue reading Why…


Behind her face (part 1)

The morning sun rises, so does she thinking about what face to wear today. Her eye bags are going to be mistaken for weakness, she thinks, "maybe I should put on some make-up", ya surely they won't notice.  Not being able to spread your wigs and fly, your wigs will surely die. This little fragile… Continue reading Behind her face (part 1)


DRC locally produced beauty pageants restores dignity to the nation 

PYGMA Communications together with DRC Vodacom and many other sponsors took it upon themselves to bring back respect and dignity to our local beauty Queens through a well planned and executed Miss RD Congo (and Miss Vodacom) The support the congolese community showed to the competition as a whole as well as its contestants has… Continue reading DRC locally produced beauty pageants restores dignity to the nation