Diary of a hopeless romantic - short story


Teenage Safi reached the peak of her teen years, high school graduation around the corner. As excited as she was, she knew that this may mean that she and J would have to part ways. In her "happily ever after" ideology, J and her had to make it work, after all they had something cute… Continue reading Truth


Altered reality

Hiding one's imperfections behind layers of human friendly paint, Concealing aspects of thy's creation, essences uniquely individually possessed Can thy claim to know love Over critical of one's appearance, borderline abusing habits suppressing one's physical expansion Can ones claim to know appreciation Unable to see past the compliments, staring at one's reflection like "a few… Continue reading Altered reality



From her view point, it's hard, Unable to fully express herself in fear of being misunderstood is a her daily bread, In her eyes, things could be better, Idling, reminiscing, pondering, maximizing the glimpse of bliss from her pass she dearly missed Her soul reassures her, Wiping the water droplets born from her eye bed,… Continue reading Perspective

Jute Sack


I don't want to start by telling you "my life hasn't been easy", so let's kick this off this way: Picture this, a small frail puppy with the courage of a lion, barely teething clinging on to the hope of playing outside but its always raining. The puppy is me and as for the rain,… Continue reading Intro

Diary of a hopeless romantic - short story


The seasons were changing in her part of the world, one of the exciting highlights of her teenage life. She was looking forward to colder winds and cloudy skies, they were the best when it came to dream creations. In her mind, she painted an image of her & J's future together, the travels and… Continue reading Reality



Winter had become her favorite time of the year; the cold, the paleness of skin She often liked the early spring; the rain, the hope of sunshine it brought Like her life, she understood that seasons have to change; the brutal winds to harsh sun, it's the way the world just is, Like her life,… Continue reading Cycle



She looks him in the eyes to find the gate to his soul She looks right at him, filtering through his motions seeking his emotions She looks and wonders is he genuine? A question many of us ask ourselves when meeting a him Afraid to fall into the trap of lack of mutual understanding We… Continue reading Intentions



I woke up this morning, realizing that the shield I had created for myself & I became one. I woke up this morning, to find myself confused by the ideology of my younger self's views on relationships. So fixated on wanting to build me and do me first, I've lost the ability to communicate with… Continue reading Feminist

Diary of a hopeless romantic - short story

“Prince charming”

J, seemed to be her prince charming. This notorious teenager that always seemed to have a line-up of girls at his footsteps, was going to turn into an angel, according to innocent Safi. Often disappointed by his lack of interest in her stories, she kept her head up high convinced she could turn him into… Continue reading “Prince charming”

Beautiful Nation - short story

May, 30th

It was a warm Sunday afternoon, in the clear skies of the South African winter, May 30th, 1993, when she felt it run down her leg, her long-awaited baby boy had finally decided that he was ready to see the world. She rushed to the bathroom, signaling her mother, "call the ambulance mom, its time". A… Continue reading May, 30th