I Am Black…

I am blackWith skin so brownA reflection of the fertile grounds That piece together my anatomyWhat you find in meIs nothing less than indefinite perfection... I am beautiful,With a heart so pureA reincarnation of divinity,God within I, An antidote in poison,A rose with its thorns,Pieced together in perfect imperfection... I am worthy,I deserve happiness and… Continue reading I Am Black…

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The standard of beauty

Story Time: Growing up, I never liked the way i looked. Felt very insecure about almost everything, from my broad forehead to my finger nails. I felt like a little ugly duckling most of the time. My insecurities were mostly rooted from what I heard and saw around me. In pre-school, a boy not too… Continue reading The standard of beauty



Don't love me if,Don't love me because,Love me despite... Despite my stretch marks,Despite the fact that I can't cook like your mother,Despite the fact that I might not be good in bed,Just love me... Don't love me because,Because I don't have much to offer,Don't love me because of my beautyBecause when that fades, your love… Continue reading Unconditional



Bottled energy, unable to let it out, He meant well yet I am triggered. Contained emotions eating me up inside, A shared post intended to soothe, I'm triggered. ... See at times all it takes is a reminder that I am not okay Okay I thought I was, until... well until I saw that post.… Continue reading Scream



I am a flower,I know in this day and age it is unconventional for a man to compare himself to a flower,But that is what I am. Beautiful,Delicate,In need of care,The world is a tough place especially for a black man,Blown to and fro by winds of criticism forcing me to be more masculine;Toughen up… Continue reading Flower


Toxic Masculinity

I am on a road less traveled. A black African man on a road to understanding my emotions and hopefully normalise the sight of a sensitive Black African man. See, I was taught that men didn't cry. Men were not sensitive. Men could fight. Men slept with girls. So I grew up with standards of… Continue reading Toxic Masculinity


Altered reality

Hiding one's imperfections behind layers of human friendly paint, Concealing aspects of thy's creation, essences uniquely individually possessed Can thy claim to know love Over critical of one's appearance, borderline abusing habits suppressing one's physical expansion Can ones claim to know appreciation Unable to see past the compliments, staring at one's reflection like "a few… Continue reading Altered reality



Being cold is the worst, regardless of how warm you keep your mind allows the breeze freeze your happy thoughts She never liked the cold, the rain, the very odd summer days The dark shades of the sun, its inability to shake living being's growth spurts The cold is the worse, a reminder of the… Continue reading Cold



You have so much to say, so much knowledge to pass on You have so much to give, so much love to transmit Then why is you growth altered by views you can't identify with Views that stunt your growth, your ability to endure and overcome Oh young soul, the date on the calendar on… Continue reading Preach



I've chased happiness I've chased success, Anything from making me feel depressed I've suppressed my joy, Allowed me to feel a void, hoping to find my voice Away from family, away from friends, seeking a sense of validation, a pat on the shoulder, a sign of appreciation Like a child's relationship with its parents, I… Continue reading Ready