With a touch of cold, you appeared in the sky, soaking every aspect of me, I almost forgot how you feel, a feeling I do not miss. In rumbling skies, you appeared unannounced, wetting everything in your path, I nearly had forgotten the mood that accompanied your presence. With knocks, you creep up at the… Continue reading Rain

Diary of a hopeless romantic - short story


A lesson she would never learn; not relying on another to be her sunshine. They say we once use to be angels before we got placed in our mothers wombs. Never had they explained that our angelic nature would become like that of a dog with rabies. A lesson she would never learn; allow herself… Continue reading Lesson


Him (part 2)

He who use to over power her, holding her wrist whispering words in her ears. He who use to make her shed tear, lock herself listening to his voice every evening unable to sleep. He who hates to see her smile, pulling her away from what she once loved. He who is the worse thing… Continue reading Him (part 2)


Campaign of life

This an explainable want to escape, It's a feeling I just can't explain. Life is not as perfect as they show in those videotapes, Where you go to school, graduate and pouff! Gone the migraines. Yet they seem to forget this detail everytime they campaign, Persuading you that this system will make you better than… Continue reading Campaign of life



Feeling like this bliss was an illusion, the world he created for me came crushing down. Thinking everything is okay in his mind, if only he could see the ceiling caving in in hers. We tell each other lies because the truth is too painful to bare. Pretend we okay when we say our goodbyes,… Continue reading Hallucination



She felt trapped again, not knowing what path to take.  It was like something had just clipped the wings she was finally able to grow; her escape plan from this dreadful world. So far from her safe zone, the anxiousness creeps in slowly, pushing in the unlocked gates of her paradise.  Surely her angels will… Continue reading Absences 



I relate all my life events to a cold war about to break out in my paradise, a paradise that seems to fade as I get older. No one can ever prepare you for the viscous world that lies out there. For an introvert like me; imprinting is crucial for my survival, the thought of… Continue reading Self-titled



I just want to leave this dreadful hole, feeling trapped about to blow.  My world is caving is, the walls so heavy pressing against my chest, gasping for air, tears escape my eyes.  Weakness they call it, sadness I call it, strength he calls it. The weak being that I am, breaking down all over… Continue reading Thoughts…


The hoax 

Today she entered a world she finally thought she could call home.  This world seemed so beautiful and welcoming, a place she that would allow her to flourish and blossom, but little did she know how cruel and viscous this world was.  All its habitants, pretenders they all were, she just had to learn the… Continue reading The hoax 


Inner scars

"Will it ever get better?"  The question she thought she had found the answer to. Her dark world was clearling up, the sun was finally piercing through her stormy sky. A random day when joyed filled her heart, the wind came back to knock her down.  Alone she stood, trying to keep her feet steady,… Continue reading Inner scars