Okay, I'm crying again. Reason? Unknown Stuck in a limbo, I find myself rekindling unrealistic fears that threaten my livelihood. What is happening to me? A question that never ceases to pass my mind. That's the thing about irrational thought; patterns of thinking that are illogical, distort reality and prevent you from reaching your goals, they do just… Continue reading Limbo



ABBA, Good news was received, ABBA, good things are said to come forth, so why is my chest aching I'm perplexed, unable to fathom what all this means, I'm perplexed, in fear of letting go I'm perplexed, dwelling in the pond formed by the liquid in my eyes ABBA, good news was recieved today, So… Continue reading Perplexed


Mental Health Awareness

About 400 million people suffer from mental health disorders worldwide, and that's just the recorded cases. 400 million...Some playing the violin with their wrists hoping someone would hear the melody, Some passionately swimming in pools of alcohol trying to drown their pain,Some silently screaming their lungs out hoping that someone would peep through the windows… Continue reading Mental Health Awareness



Tempted to say don't do that, yet knowing the intent was pure holds me back, Tempted to say I'm not okay, yet the love to keep one happy and sane disables me from speaking out. Often carefully selecting my choice of words to give a voice to my troubled mind, I remain silent. ... Everything… Continue reading Triggered



Bottled energy, unable to let it out, He meant well yet I am triggered. Contained emotions eating me up inside, A shared post intended to soothe, I'm triggered. ... See at times all it takes is a reminder that I am not okay Okay I thought I was, until... well until I saw that post.… Continue reading Scream

Let's talk

Holding Back

Have you ever been in a situation where you ask yourself, am I stunting my own growth? I've been a victim of this, sub-consciously stunting my growth, not giving myself a fair share at success. For me, it feels like self sabotage - behaviors or thought patterns that hold you back and prevent you from… Continue reading Holding Back



Rolling warm water droplets upon thy's face, That's what happens when one forgets to breathe Aching shell, the manifestation of thy's inner turmoils I hate the cold, reminder of one's fragile nature Longing for salvation, the catalyst of hope, Tormented by thy's thoughts, with the hindrance in expression, one silently looks to the sky, As… Continue reading Longing



With a touch of cold, you appeared in the sky, soaking every aspect of me, I almost forgot how you feel, a feeling I do not miss. In rumbling skies, you appeared unannounced, wetting everything in your path, I nearly had forgotten the mood that accompanied your presence. With knocks, you creep up at the… Continue reading Rain



She hasn't been sleeping, Tossing and turning to be woken up by sunrise. She hasn't slept much, Growing dark circles resting on her eye bed, drenched in attempts at productivity. She's been up, Eyes opened, cultivating the skill of micro analysis of Thyself. See, she's been refraining from direct contact, Unable to iterate her experiences… Continue reading Repose


Altered reality

Hiding one's imperfections behind layers of human friendly paint, Concealing aspects of thy's creation, essences uniquely individually possessed Can thy claim to know love Over critical of one's appearance, borderline abusing habits suppressing one's physical expansion Can ones claim to know appreciation Unable to see past the compliments, staring at one's reflection like "a few… Continue reading Altered reality