We found ourselves in the chaos...Right where real love lives,In the two-AM thoughts,The sleepless nights,The longings for proximity,Something we pray forWhile living in the now, The presentThe precious gift we passionately hold on to while waiting for a future where our eyes will meet beyond phone screens,Where we move past wordsAnd our promises of love… Continue reading Chaos

Diary of a hopeless romantic - short story


Teenage Safi reached the peak of her teen years, high school graduation around the corner. As excited as she was, she knew that this may mean that she and J would have to part ways. In her "happily ever after" ideology, J and her had to make it work, after all they had something cute… Continue reading Truth


Reality of dreams

In the reality of dreamsOur hearts listen to screams...Screams of unsaid words that we both know to be true but are too scared to utter... In this reality we row downstream,Flowing with the river and guided by light beams, unbothered by the raging sound of waterfalls ahead because in the reality of dreams we could… Continue reading Reality of dreams


When people hear “love”…

When people hear the word love, They think of picnic dates and watching the sunset together...They see butterflies in their stomachs, Morning texts and corny lines, "I love you, sleep tight don't let the bed bug bites",They see fairy tale endings, Trending topics, hashtag couple goals,They see happy days on the beach,birds chirping, waves smooching… Continue reading When people hear “love”…


Poetry in motion

To me, Love is a river.It is energy in motion,A Wave that carries you no matter how hard you fight, and eventually it teaches you to follow the current... Let yourself go, it's pointless fighting,Become like ice in a warm glass of water,Like chocolate exposed to the sun,Allow yourself to melt and become one with… Continue reading Poetry in motion



Don't love me if,Don't love me because,Love me despite... Despite my stretch marks,Despite the fact that I can't cook like your mother,Despite the fact that I might not be good in bed,Just love me... Don't love me because,Because I don't have much to offer,Don't love me because of my beautyBecause when that fades, your love… Continue reading Unconditional


Humans with no humanity…

Smile...Tell that to the young Somalian with no food to eat, no water to drink , only bones left as the world looks at them as worthless toothpicks, to the soldier who risks his life for less than a penny, fights for peace, yes, that is ironic. Smile...Tell that to the hooker at your street… Continue reading Humans with no humanity…


Grown up kid (true story)

I was so used to her dancing to the songs I loudly played in our car rides, that's when a tide of emotions would wash away her sadness, but this time she was unable to hide the torment in her mind... So I lowered the volume and looked at her; "put your seatbelt on", I… Continue reading Grown up kid (true story)



Bottled energy, unable to let it out, He meant well yet I am triggered. Contained emotions eating me up inside, A shared post intended to soothe, I'm triggered. ... See at times all it takes is a reminder that I am not okay Okay I thought I was, until... well until I saw that post.… Continue reading Scream



I am a flower,I know in this day and age it is unconventional for a man to compare himself to a flower,But that is what I am. Beautiful,Delicate,In need of care,The world is a tough place especially for a black man,Blown to and fro by winds of criticism forcing me to be more masculine;Toughen up… Continue reading Flower