Bottled energy, unable to let it out, He meant well yet I am triggered. Contained emotions eating me up inside, A shared post intended to soothe, I'm triggered. ... See at times all it takes is a reminder that I am not okay Okay I thought I was, until... well until I saw that post.… Continue reading Scream

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Truth – Seeking

How do we draw the line between reality, truth, and fiction? This year, I've been spending a decent amount of time trying to understand the world and the essence of life. What drives me in the interest in understanding why the human race does what it does, with that, I've realized that truth seeking is… Continue reading Truth – Seeking

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Holding Back

Have you ever been in a situation where you ask yourself, am I stunting my own growth? I've been a victim of this, sub-consciously stunting my growth, not giving myself a fair share at success. For me, it feels like self sabotage - behaviors or thought patterns that hold you back and prevent you from… Continue reading Holding Back



Sometimes faith is all we have, in the midst of a chaotic world, hope is our main coping mechanism, Sometimes we have to be our own friend, when there is some much we wish to say but nonexistent beings to share them with, Sometimes we ignore signs that we may need help, afraid of the… Continue reading Exhausted



Getting closer to spreading her wings, she has hope again. The world hasn't entirely been fair, expecting her to compete yet sets rules that automatically disqualifies her. They say "good things come to those who wait", but how long will she have to wait before reaching her big break. They say, "if you want something… Continue reading Propel



The dream of this little girl seems to be falling apart. Faith is the only shoulder to cry on she has, as the walls shatter in front of her. Being an adult is not as easy as they make it seem; bills to pay, people counting on you. In all of this they forget to… Continue reading Adulting…

Diary of a hopeless romantic - short story


A lesson she would never learn; not relying on another to be her sunshine. They say we once use to be angels before we got placed in our mothers wombs. Never had they explained that our angelic nature would become like that of a dog with rabies. A lesson she would never learn; allow herself… Continue reading Lesson



As part of growing up, certain adjustments have to be made. This is a little passage for all those who are entering a new phase of the world, becoming "Adults"


Him (part 2)

He who use to over power her, holding her wrist whispering words in her ears. He who use to make her shed tear, lock herself listening to his voice every evening unable to sleep. He who hates to see her smile, pulling her away from what she once loved. He who is the worse thing… Continue reading Him (part 2)



The struggle of getting up in the morning, the pain of staying asleep at night nothing can compare to the sad despair of job hunting. As a university student, I always had a perfect plan on how i was going to graduate at 21, get my first job by 22 and get my own place… Continue reading Unemployed