To my next love

I am not sure what my next love will look like. So I send this letter out into the universe as a prayer to her Creator and I seal it with a kiss... I wonder what she is like.Perhaps nothing like me but a mate to my healing soulI've been through a lot of things… Continue reading To my next love



Sitting on her bed staring at the sky, conjuring up hope to keep it together Sitting on the bed looking up to ABBA, longing for a pat on the back Can you hear me, my deepest thoughts, she wonders, can you tell what's working me up ... The soothing sound of the wind, the gentle… Continue reading Soothing



Okay, I'm crying again. Reason? Unknown Stuck in a limbo, I find myself rekindling unrealistic fears that threaten my livelihood. What is happening to me? A question that never ceases to pass my mind. That's the thing about irrational thought; patterns of thinking that are illogical, distort reality and prevent you from reaching your goals, they do just… Continue reading Limbo



Like needles of light piercing through a forest,The shadow of a falling leaf and the break between the lub and dub of a heartbeat,I go unnoticed,But I'm there... In between breaths and the blinking of eyes,Moments of introspection to tell truths from lies,I hang on to the dying breaths or rather the evidence of life,… Continue reading Hope



Winter had become her favorite time of the year; the cold, the paleness of skin She often liked the early spring; the rain, the hope of sunshine it brought Like her life, she understood that seasons have to change; the brutal winds to harsh sun, it's the way the world just is, Like her life,… Continue reading Cycle


Do what extent am I supposed to be?

I often ask myself this question when my world comes crumbling down, which in my "perfect world" it is always. Miss judged and understood by everyone around me, I ask myself if I really want to be understood. Putting these thoughts on paper stimulate tears to run down my face, being the burden I feared… Continue reading Do what extent am I supposed to be?



They say not to be afraid, They say to be strong and brave, As if that's all it truly takes for one to be ok once more. They say that I would not make it, They said I was living and breathing self inflicted pain, Little did I fully comprehend the evil they were tryna… Continue reading Rise



Writing use to come naturally to me. A words overflowing in my mind, words I am unable to utter. My silence was expressed on paper, My deepest feeling; pain and hurt But lately, I haven't been feeling at all; no pain, no hurt most of all no love. Everything is just gone. My ability to… Continue reading Silence



The dream of this little girl seems to be falling apart. Faith is the only shoulder to cry on she has, as the walls shatter in front of her. Being an adult is not as easy as they make it seem; bills to pay, people counting on you. In all of this they forget to… Continue reading Adulting…

Diary of a hopeless romantic - short story

Her break

Some call him a distraction, she calls him hope... Their paths crossed like any ordinary young souls would; at an event like any other with no particular intent of acquiring intimacy. Perfection would be one of his best attributes, yet his young mind does not see it yet, so humble she can't help but blush… Continue reading Her break