How would you describe life? Life to me is the act of loving one's existence, being one with one's feelings, emotions, body and soul. Life is making a conscious choice to carry on despite the hurdles that lay ahead. It's being okay with the idea that you may not be okay but still strive to… Continue reading Description


Live; love life

Love: Eros, Storge, Philia, Agape The foundation of all created things, if you believe in a creator, then the reflection of The Almighty. Everything, all things are intertwined, moving at the tempo of the other: Heart and lungs, sun and moon, flowers and bugs, even your phone and it's battery, car engine with it's wheels & fuel. Refusing… Continue reading Live; love life

Let's talk

Holding Back

Have you ever been in a situation where you ask yourself, am I stunting my own growth? I've been a victim of this, sub-consciously stunting my growth, not giving myself a fair share at success. For me, it feels like self sabotage - behaviors or thought patterns that hold you back and prevent you from… Continue reading Holding Back


She [GBV]

She was always referred to as someone's sister,Her parents' daughter,Her brother's keeper,And yet always wondering who would keep her... Watch your back young sister, your brother is here, go back to your cell, maybe if you wear a long enough dress he won't lay a finger on you, don't forget to cover your ankles and… Continue reading She [GBV]


Sensitive Black Man

Genesis Man,Learn to love...Let streams of waters flow through neglected lands,To resurrect what once was and to bring forth what was always meant to be but was never allowed to surface...Go a little bit deeper,Run your fingers through the riversLike a comb through your kinky hair,Feel every wave,Let your pulse imitate the rhythm of love...Wash… Continue reading Sensitive Black Man



Reacting to life, is what she did best Unconsciously living, was her daily bread Today she chose to perfect the areas she controlled Today she decided to embark on the long awaited journey of healing See, she bore the pain and burden of many, world's greatest defender always coming to the rescue, Unaware of how… Continue reading Inact


The wait

Wait, they said So she did, before she realised it, she had thrown her dreams and aspirations out the window See, she was never programmed to pursue her own "happily ever after", instead she left that responsibility to her better half What will he think of you, was what was often said So she adjusted… Continue reading The wait



Surreal, are the thoughts that pass my mind,  Strange, are the feelings that arise,  In her wildest dreams, she sought to be a princess like no other, In her reality, she hoped he would treat her just a little above average   Unshaken, he dishes out a cup larger than what she thought she was… Continue reading Shaken



Journeyed from teenagehood into a new being, Journeyed from shrunken mindset into an eagle soaring the great winds unafraid Rise, young child, from the uncomfortable seats given by your forefathers, Rise, young soul, awaken the greater being you have been suppressing Do not be afraid, take your stand in conviction, be the being you once… Continue reading I.D


Silence night

Listen, she said, do you hear that? Silence, that's how calm my life is... Little fragile bird has found her peace, something she thought was merely impossible. Little bird had wondered an eternity about events in her life that clipped her wings Birdy needed a sense of reassurance, a place to crash, a structure to… Continue reading Silence night