Burst of emotions

Looking for an escape I've decided to change, neglecting what I enjoyed most Running away from expressing my emotions how I was accustomed to in the name of "growth" The realization has finally set; I don't want my old habits to die, atleast not the good ones... Looking for a way out, I've allowed more… Continue reading Burst of emotions


The You you hide…

I love the you you hide...Behind your smile, your makeup, and your lies. I love the smoothness of your cheeks upon which the tide of tears is so accustomed to swiftly falling . I love your sauciness ,the way you lure me without even trying , I love your imperfections, they make you perfect in… Continue reading The You you hide…


Voices, hear, listen

Feel: you need to allow yourself to Tears: just be kind to yourself Hope: remember the lessons in the journey Appreciate: have you forgotten how far you have come Strength: you are not alone Think: we've got this Love: I will always be here for you Fear: hey, let me show you how to make… Continue reading Voices, hear, listen



Sometimes she let's herself freeze as a reminder that life is worth living, Unable to anticipate tomorrow as always been a trigger, The thought of willingly diving into the unknown that's called life... Sometimes she allows herself to feel, ticking a box of the human trait called emotions Unbothered by the labels bond to be… Continue reading Sometimes


Subconsciously battling

Waken something triggered her subconscious, Unable to comprehend it, she shoved it deep within continuing about her day, Asleep, her subconscious wrestled something she though she was at peace with, Unable to recall all its events, she hoped everything would resolve itself. She's never been good at apprehending him before his wrath unleashed, See, she… Continue reading Subconsciously battling



She spends most of her time behind close doors, accessing wrestling with her inner being, She spends most of her time, in a safe zone as the world is the reason she is scarred, Scars she wears proudly when approached, scars she is not afraid of displaying when given the opportunity, See, sometimes these scars… Continue reading Wounds



They say to tell them when the breaking point draws near, But are they ready to listen to what has to be said. Are they strong enough to comprehend the battle inside my brain? Are they empathic enough to provide the connection to stop my tears? Is it a shoulder to cry on that I… Continue reading Shadow



Writing use to come naturally to me. A words overflowing in my mind, words I am unable to utter. My silence was expressed on paper, My deepest feeling; pain and hurt But lately, I haven't been feeling at all; no pain, no hurt most of all no love. Everything is just gone. My ability to… Continue reading Silence



The dream of this little girl seems to be falling apart. Faith is the only shoulder to cry on she has, as the walls shatter in front of her. Being an adult is not as easy as they make it seem; bills to pay, people counting on you. In all of this they forget to… Continue reading Adulting…

Diary of a hopeless romantic - short story

Her break: part 2

Puzzled by the world, a new door opens itself, allowing her to revive the words " I care". This boy so naive claiming that infatuation is not what drives, that they are the perfect pair. Only a few have crossed her path, less vocal than he, yet better at displaying their feelings. Display seems not… Continue reading Her break: part 2