I Am Black…

I am blackWith skin so brownA reflection of the fertile grounds That piece together my anatomyWhat you find in meIs nothing less than indefinite perfection... I am beautiful,With a heart so pureA reincarnation of divinity,God within I, An antidote in poison,A rose with its thorns,Pieced together in perfect imperfection... I am worthy,I deserve happiness and… Continue reading I Am Black…

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The standard of beauty

Story Time: Growing up, I never liked the way i looked. Felt very insecure about almost everything, from my broad forehead to my finger nails. I felt like a little ugly duckling most of the time. My insecurities were mostly rooted from what I heard and saw around me. In pre-school, a boy not too… Continue reading The standard of beauty


Altered reality

Hiding one's imperfections behind layers of human friendly paint, Concealing aspects of thy's creation, essences uniquely individually possessed Can thy claim to know love Over critical of one's appearance, borderline abusing habits suppressing one's physical expansion Can ones claim to know appreciation Unable to see past the compliments, staring at one's reflection like "a few… Continue reading Altered reality