His World · Poetry


Have you ever had your heart broken? Stood with arms outstretched,As love slowly stretched out of sight,Effort-fully reachingFor a love effortlessly straying;Recited silent poems in the vacuum of space hoping that somewhere somehow someone would be listening to your internal whispers and wordless declarations of love? I find myself fervently praying,Hoping to grasp the sands… Continue reading Heartbreak


Will you remember me?

We live in a world that pushes us to believe that like the big bang, our existence is accidental -A mere collision of atoms and celestial bodies that miraculously resulted in the making of Man. So how then do you expect us to give meaning to something that was the simple result of chance?We all… Continue reading Will you remember me?



Sometimes I think about heaven...I picture streams of pure water flowing,Birds chirping, bees buzzing, sun glowing... Sometimes I think about heaven...Butterflies liberated from their cocoons,Waterfalls dangling down the Rocky cliffs,The bronze sun shining and yet the moon is taking a peek in broad daylight...A washed away white, like tear stains from our past lives... Sometimes… Continue reading Heaven



Her soul is a fire,Her body a hearth, Her skin,brown like the earth from whence she came... She is warmth in the winter,Burns ruby red in the summer,Cool in the spring and autumn, She is life bearer...At the possibility you'd stareRegardless of the closest contactSkin still bareFree from burns even though her fire flares So… Continue reading Fire


Seasons~ with Lizza Tshowa

Deep breath in,Then I slowly release,An intimate exchange of energy between nature and I,As I add a droplet to an ocean, A snowflake to an avalanche,I take in the essence of life.I realise that I am just a grain of sand in God's hourglass,Subjected to the motion of His hand as He masterfully changes seasons...… Continue reading Seasons~ with Lizza Tshowa


Reality of dreams

In the reality of dreamsOur hearts listen to screams...Screams of unsaid words that we both know to be true but are too scared to utter... In this reality we row downstream,Flowing with the river and guided by light beams, unbothered by the raging sound of waterfalls ahead because in the reality of dreams we could… Continue reading Reality of dreams



Don't love me if,Don't love me because,Love me despite... Despite my stretch marks,Despite the fact that I can't cook like your mother,Despite the fact that I might not be good in bed,Just love me... Don't love me because,Because I don't have much to offer,Don't love me because of my beautyBecause when that fades, your love… Continue reading Unconditional


Mental Health Awareness

About 400 million people suffer from mental health disorders worldwide, and that's just the recorded cases. 400 million...Some playing the violin with their wrists hoping someone would hear the melody, Some passionately swimming in pools of alcohol trying to drown their pain,Some silently screaming their lungs out hoping that someone would peep through the windows… Continue reading Mental Health Awareness



The average human being breathes about 24000 times a day.In and out,In and out,In and out, And in between those breaths...moments of introspection,split seconds of revelation,And in the stillness...My spirit whispers, "you are alive, let every breath be meaningful..." You are still here,You have yet to be bested,You have overcome every mountain,Swam through every sea,And… Continue reading Live.