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I Pray

I pray that one day you may look at me and see me, not the colour of my skin or my ancestors' sin... I pray to see the day when we finally realise that we are spirits with bodies and not bodies with spirits...I pray that people may come to see that not all Blacks… Continue reading I Pray


I Am Black…

I am blackWith skin so brownA reflection of the fertile grounds That piece together my anatomyWhat you find in meIs nothing less than indefinite perfection... I am beautiful,With a heart so pureA reincarnation of divinity,God within I, An antidote in poison,A rose with its thorns,Pieced together in perfect imperfection... I am worthy,I deserve happiness and… Continue reading I Am Black…



Oh Africa ,my land... I hear your drums thudding and your children's thunderous cries ringing in my head. Your squirms fall on deaf ears... Your cries... Simply bootless... Your children's tears flow through the Congo river and the Nile, your hills run red with innocent blood that has overflown. As for your children... Starving... Yet… Continue reading Africa


Toxic Masculinity

I am on a road less traveled. A black African man on a road to understanding my emotions and hopefully normalise the sight of a sensitive Black African man. See, I was taught that men didn't cry. Men were not sensitive. Men could fight. Men slept with girls. So I grew up with standards of… Continue reading Toxic Masculinity


Sensitive Black Man

Genesis Man,Learn to love...Let streams of waters flow through neglected lands,To resurrect what once was and to bring forth what was always meant to be but was never allowed to surface...Go a little bit deeper,Run your fingers through the riversLike a comb through your kinky hair,Feel every wave,Let your pulse imitate the rhythm of love...Wash… Continue reading Sensitive Black Man


Acceptance of natural hair

Since I fully transitioned to natural hair, I've learned how to love and appreciate my natural beauty. 11 months later I am still proud of the decision I made, but yet there are still a few hurdles that make me uneasy and test my confidence, which brings me to this... I think what I hate… Continue reading Acceptance of natural hair