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Be Still

Stillness:the absence of movement or sound.A calm, quiet, motionless state. In a fast-paced world where lies travel faster than truths and harsh words faster than words that soothe,We all ought to learn the art of being still,The skill of having ears that filter the words we are fed and the habit of keeping our mouths… Continue reading Be Still

Diary of a hopeless romantic - short story


18 seems to be that age where most decisions have to be made: which college to go to, to stay home or live elsewhere, how to express the new acquired freedom that comes with being "of age". The life of an 18 year old is somewhat more complexed than it seems. Safi would have her… Continue reading Decisions



Going through the motions, clickers reaching the top, senses heightened then... the disconnect What just happened? A constant thought in her mind See, she's use to this, emotions her theme park, the showstopper - the connection ride Unplugging her best trait, the skill she has mastered over these years. Pretence, her playground, the ability to… Continue reading Rollercoaster


Grown up kid (true story)

I was so used to her dancing to the songs I loudly played in our car rides, that's when a tide of emotions would wash away her sadness, but this time she was unable to hide the torment in her mind... So I lowered the volume and looked at her; "put your seatbelt on", I… Continue reading Grown up kid (true story)



She looks him in the eyes to find the gate to his soul She looks right at him, filtering through his motions seeking his emotions She looks and wonders is he genuine? A question many of us ask ourselves when meeting a him Afraid to fall into the trap of lack of mutual understanding We… Continue reading Intentions


The one

This is a letter to you, Bearer of my heart, pulse within my vessels, nucleus to my happiness. I had always imagined characteristics you would posses; quarter man, quarter angel, quarter prince, quarter warrior with a dash of those Idris Elba physic marinated with some Russell Wilson generosity & kindness. My pillow, my best friend,… Continue reading The one



Everyday I sit on my bed, starring at my ceiling, Dreaming of a life, a life that may never come true. They say to have hope, to keep on believing. Little do they know that faith doesn't come easy to the ones with continuous racing minds. In my little life of experience, I have learned… Continue reading Sigh


My life, perhaps my fate

Life has a funny way of working out and in the midst of it all, one has to keep hoping. Living in a town I can't claim to be mine; a town that constantly rejects me, remaining focused isn't a piece of cake. For those who do not know my story; I was one of… Continue reading My life, perhaps my fate



Took some time away to assess my growth and health. Dealing with ghosts in your closet seems to be an endless race, but just as I'm ready to give up, a strenght emerges from within. So I'm back, to share my stories, hoping to aspire those similar to me not to give up and believe...… Continue reading Winter



Like a milkshake, shaken into perfection, A simple drink with its main component being milk, unveiling its refreshing sweet taste. I want to be like this drink; full of potential yet unknown, bringing a new flavour to this world like never before. Do I want to be love by millions? Perhaps a question with no… Continue reading Milkshake