What if I choose to stay

Does my presence guarantee your happiness and success

Does me being here make us stronger even when I’m still tormented by my demons

Have you ever asked yourself

What if leaving is the best option

What if not being here makes the both of us stronger and equipped for our sister souls yet to come

I may not happy being here,

Yet the thought of letting you know that shreds me into pieces

Pieces so small that they look nothing like the whole me that once was

I may not be happy leaving here,

But I guess telling you that is pointless has you have figured out that I will be better off elsewhere

Elsewhere where I won’t be trapped by the same frontiers of this place I longed to call home

Truth is, I am afraid

Afraid of returning to a place I am not meant to be in only to realize that indeed, I should have never left

Afraid to forget you as I get swallowed by my toxic routines that triggered the anxiety I thought I had overcame

But what if I choose to stay… then what

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