“Torn between two countries to which I can not fully claim to be from, my sense of belonging roots itself on my person than a geographical location or a people. Like most diaspora, I have to learn to look beyond origins and documentations to forge my own identity, to be me.” – Being from two homes but home in none


Sometimes I feel emo, at times I feel lost, 

Of two origins but belonging to none,

Torn between the choice of accepting one and denying the other, 

Torn between the pain of not feeling like I belong to any of them,

Constantly feeling like I have to choose…


Why does it matter what I am?

Why does it matter where I am from?

Why do you expect me to choose?


“Identity crisis” you call it because I am unable to say a sentence in my native dialect without stuttering, 

Because I am unable to speak a language I was not born speaking without my origins claiming its accent back.

Is it not ok to want to belong to both?

Is it not ok to want to look beyond what flows within my veins or the geographical location on my physical being?


This is why I am emo, this is why I feel lost, 

Because you won’t let me just be me, 

Because you ain’t comfortable with my idea of “home”…

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