Today marks 59th year since my country, the Democratic Republic of Congo, got its independence.

In celebration of this journey, I decided to write this;

Should I return home when it lands are stricken,

Should I return home with an unclear future when I land,

Out of my native land for over a decade, I have adopted the nature of my foriegn dwelling place.

Should I return home when home does not seem familiar anymore,

Should return home when my own people and customs have become unnatural to me.

Land of my childhood, held on to the blurred memories of joy & laughter, pain & sorrow

Should I return home, nourish the land with knowledge acquired from abroad,

Should I return home, revive the potential hidden behind the despair,

Should I return home, to my native land, the place of my forefathers, the land I hold a claim on…

Should I return home?

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