Inner monologue

Stop being so weak, she tells herself,

I can’t keep getting hurt at the hands of my “love ones”,

I keep screaming with no response, from anyone

Tired of breaking down, she is,

It’s forever the same story; I am not Ok, I feel like I don’t belong, I feel confused and lost

When does the pain cease,

When does one get up,

When do I become ok with just me.

A cross between her world and that of theirs doesn’t equal a perfect mix.

She is not alone, unable to see the angels guarding her.

He is here, she is constantly remind of,

Everything will cease to hurt, she can only lean on those words,

I will be Ok, will she truly start to believe.

That’s just it, that’s just her, that’s just her mind,

Afraid to lean on the world, she holds on to her inner thoughts, her soul…

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