The one

This is a letter to you,

Bearer of my heart, pulse within my vessels, nucleus to my happiness.

I had always imagined characteristics you would posses; quarter man, quarter angel, quarter prince, quarter warrior with a dash of those Idris Elba physic marinated with some Russell Wilson generosity & kindness.

My pillow, my best friend, my soul mate,

Man created in the likeness of God, perfect in my eyes, the puzzle of completion my soul never knew it needed.

If I am reading this to you one day,

know that I prayed for your well-being.

That you would excel, prosper and be fulfilled with God’s wisdom, loving every single moment of your life,

If you get to see the smile & tears as I utter these words,

Know that there was a time before you when I was beyond broken,

When I longed for you but knew that having you at that exact point in time would ruin us both,

So I prayed to be the whole me we both need to grow, elevate ourselves to become one.

If this is the day I think it will be,

Then it is confirmation enough for me to say this;

World hear me when I say this;

I have prayed for not more than an angel with a kind heart, an angel with a strong soul, an angel that would be mine and mine alone to touch and feel,

God was like nah girl,

I am blessing you with a king, chief staff of my angel crew, holder of a wisdom like Mine, created by Me, like Me just for you. The best thing you never knew you needed,

The one…

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