One thought gets my mind racing with no aim to stop,

I am afraid, I can not get myself to say.

Would I portray myself as the faithless girl who is unable to try


The trusting faithful child, always greatful for all she has.

I am supposed to have faith, be a pillar of strength holding a 15 floor building from hitting the ground,

I am allowed to be afraid but only if the fear sparks a life changing action,

I have never been more afraid,

Counting down the days and months with no plan of what to do when the time runs out.

I have never felt so alone,

Unable to share my worries in fear of constant judgment to be bestowed upon me once more.

I have never been to stop my mind from racing,

Hoping it might ignite the next plan and purpose I am desperately in need off and keep me from failing.

I have never thought life would be cruel,

Restless I lay watching the race of my own competitors; my mind, soul and the world’s unforgiving time…

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