The smile you wear upon your smile at the thought of my name,

Availing yourself to hear me vent and laugh seems to be your aim.

Do I know you?

The sweet voice who brings me to my senses,

Not disputing or fighting as I bring down my fences.

Have we met before?

Those gentle eyes full of hope, leading my heart to your trusting soul.

Should I have told you?

That I am afraid to let you get to close to me, to let you in and know my fears.

Should I have warned you?

That getting to close would awaken feelings I buried so deep,

Make me hold on to you as if you were mine to keep.

I know who you are

A sweet angel sent to aviliate the pain my mind conjures up in solitude,

I know who you are

God’s hand, gifted with wisdom beyond comprehension to awake our dormant souls.

I think we have met before…

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