I know you are up there somewhere,

In your beautiful realm watching me from above.

Today hasn’t been the best day,

Being tested; stupid rules, anxiety at its peak, expectations to fulfill.

Sometimes I wish You could just take me away,

Fulfilling my heart with joy and peace – the great escape.

I want to blame this world for scarring me Father,

My way of coping; finding the source of evil crushing it before it gets stronger.

I just need Your help Father…

I don’t love myself no more Creator,

Wondering whether my eyes are ill, unable to appreciate beauty both exterior and within.

Please make me see, Creator…

I need to be ok,

Not feel like the burden that I am,

Believe that my time will come and things will change.

Believe in the Great I am…

Hold me and heal my shattered heart,

Make me better than okay, make me whole…


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