I never thought an age would scare me,

A digit recording my existance tied in with benchmarks of what I am suppose to be.

Yes, I am afraid of you 25

I’m afraid I won’t be worthy of owning you with my head held high.

I’m afraid that everything I had set and planned by this age won’t come to pass.

Actually 25,

I had once told myself I would be settled by the time we meet.

That I would have my better half, not having to be discreet.

That life would be a bliss coming into a reality for me.

To be honest 25,

I seem more scattered at 24 as I await for you,

No longer setting benchmarks, living other’s expectations but accepting the new.

Yes I am afraid of you,

Counting down the days to the 5th of January 2019 the so called most beautiful day, which could finally be true.

But you know what scares me the most; being lonely, worried, stressed and unhappy as I finally get to meet you…

As the dates draw near you, 25

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