Are you okay?

Should I keep running this race called life?

Contemplating my existence and purpose, I met an angel, an addition to my guardians…


You are rejected and despised,

everyday you look at me…disguised.

Disguised under that fake smile and those passionate eyes,

but I see through all your lies.

The slits on your wrists speak louder than the words of your mouth ,

I ask if you’re okay because I know that your life is heading south.


“Are you okay?” ,

a question to which I know the answer,

but I can not help unless you let me in so I can help you destroy this cancer.

I know that You contemplate suicide even though you choose to hide.

I hope you let Jesus be your guide and let Him sit down by your side.

I know you cry yourself to sleep

because through your window I chose to peep and

all your pain has hit me deep.

You’ve suffered unrequited love and you were diminished by all these supercilious people claiming to Love God when they failed to love you.


“Are you okay?” ,

as I look into your eyes and all I see is sunken tears and submerged emotions reluctant to drown your face but inevitably drowning your heart in a vast sea of depression.

Although no one will tell you that you are beautiful ,

or maybe they will but you won’t believe,

from what I perceive,

you are a beautiful creation handcrafted by God Himself and loved by Him.

The world Judges you because of what they see , a goldfish in a sea of piranhas,

yet they laugh because you look different.


Are you okay?

I know my words are weak although their depth reach an all time high when I say these words…

You Are Beautiful.


By: Jacques Maghoma Kisula

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