Battling with my inner thoughts as being my biggest hurdle.

An ongoing racing mind, raging with pure and evil thoughts, I had to find refuge in something.

In this life time, I have met souls that have made this walk bearable, perhaps an answer from God.


Today I met an angel,

His heart so pure so close to God.

Today I met an angel,

an answer to my prayers in a manner beyond expectations.


Total stranger, a meeting purely coincidental,

unable to make out the purpose of all this,

perhaps another reason to hold on a little longer.


Who are you dear angel,

“what are your intentions, what is your purpose”

My heart seeks answers, as I allow myself to disintegrate without any judgement.


For today I met an angel,

A gift from above,

A gift bearer, leading me closer to Him.


Indeed, I have met an angel…



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