Took some time away to assess my growth and health. Dealing with ghosts in your closet seems to be an endless race, but just as I’m ready to give up, a strenght emerges from within.

So I’m back, to share my stories, hoping to aspire those similar to me not to give up and believe…

Oh how I hate winter;

The cold and freezing air, frosting everything on its way.

The heatless sleeps, clutching the life out of your sheets,

Oh how I hate winter;

The cold emotions it brings with itself, making the world question your mental state.

Its not me, its the weather, they will never understand.

These cold month of southern hemisphere’s cold and dry winter,

The season where less time is spent wearing a smile,

Peak of procrastination and less sex appeal

Winter my hideaway, winter my get away,

Oh how i hate winter and its unapologetic symptoms changing self love

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