What goes on in my mind?

Mostly blank spaces as I stare through the air with absolutely no purpose. Unlike the ordinary mind, I can’t explain my thought process though I love talking, which often equals a complete disaster.

To those around me, I have a fun “creative with lots of potential”, probably the next smartest brain in the room but yet “lazy”. It never seize to amaze me how I can know what needs to be done, told what to do but yet get overwhelmed by the thought of just doing it, self diagnosing myself as “lazy”.

I often express how “simple” I want life to be, when realistically thinking about it, I rather do complicated. I have segmented my brain into aspects that I am just different and different is what will allow me to be, a simple enough equation that makes all the anxiety fade away.

To my love ones; I am all over to place, to me; I am a hustler with a razing mind.

Who am I really?

Just an average girl with a not so average brain prone to anxiety created by the need to be normal…


Thank you to my followers and love ones for appreciating my mind.

2 thoughts on “ME

  1. Hey. This is really an amazing piece of writing. I am amazed how one can put so many emotions into words. You are a talented writer and this is remarkable. I hope you could follow my blog page, maybe you’ll get inspired. Thank you! 🙂


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