The struggle of getting up in the morning, the pain of staying asleep at night nothing can compare to the sad despair of job hunting.

As a university student, I always had a perfect plan on how i was going to graduate at 21, get my first job by 22 and get my own place by 23. Let’s just say life had to teach me a lesson.

Study further increases your chances at employment, little do they understand the term “over qualified”.

You sure you are hunting well, which ever way they say this thinking you just not looking hard enough meanwhile it has become your favourite past time from the time you were still writing your final exams.

All you ask is the opportunity to gain some sort of experience, any experience to allow you to climb the ladder, thinking of giving up not being able to because someone has to pay the bills.

The fear of being a statistic slowly creeping in as depression holds you by the hand, turning your once able body into a crumbling leaf giving up on life.

Do not under estimate the depression that arises from unemployment and job hunting…

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