Away from all the sounds of her world, she tucks herself in. 

It’s funny how loneliness creeps in at its peek when no notifications pop-up on your cellphone screen, this is what kills the most. The thought that no one is thinking about you or interested in staying up with you all night.

We get into the swing of things; meeting total strangers and telling them your life story because they would probably listen not judging you by default. For a moment they replace all the real people in your life and give you a safe of belonging, surely we are all victims of it.

Staying up all night, endlessly scrolling through her text messages wondering who to text

Not knowing where to begin, in fear to re-candle all she once vexed

Surely there has to be someone laying in there bed wondering about her

That misery person who also low-key hand her back 

Behind their great painted wall covering all its cracks

Her hero they seem to all want to be

When all she’s ever really wanted was an attentive ear, proving shelter to rest in

Little she tells them, that she can see right through their skin…

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