Feeling like this bliss was an illusion, the world he created for me came crushing down.

Thinking everything is okay in his mind, if only he could see the ceiling caving in in hers. We tell each other lies because the truth is too painful to bare. Pretend we okay when we say our goodbyes, deep down we just don’t understand why we are still holding on.

Little bird just wants to spread her wings and fly; fly to the end of the world that ain’t really there, climb mountains to touch the skies that do not really exist.

Lost in a world where pretending has become one’s daily bread, it has become easier to wear a smile upon her face and walk in the room, starting judgement and prejudice right in the eye. He had seemed to make all this go away, give her a shelter, a place she could just be her.

He who is broken deep inside, hiding his scars yet scarring her with his pretense, wanting to run away she is unable to.

Feeling trapped once more in this world that has proved to be more evil than her mind could ever comprehend, she sinks, deeper in despair not wanting to be rescued…

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