I just want to leave this dreadful hole, feeling trapped about to blow. 

My world is caving is, the walls so heavy pressing against my chest, gasping for air, tears escape my eyes. 

Weakness they call it, sadness I call it, strength he calls it. The weak being that I am, breaking down all over again… again, again and again. I can’t seem to stop my emotions from getting hold of me, pulling me by the leg, leaving scars that I am yet to explain. 

Why does everything have to be so painful, why can’t I just hold it together. 

A gun in my hand, always so close to my head, waiting to pull the trigger, playing Russian Roulette with my soul…

Sitting in the cold, freezing, wanting to feel something. Something either than pain. 

Maybe the move was the wrong choice to make, but what path do you take when you reach a dead end and have to go back…

This little fragile soul striving to hold it together, soo close to pulling the trigger… 


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