The hoax 

Today she entered a world she finally thought she could call home. 

This world seemed so beautiful and welcoming, a place she that would allow her to flourish and blossom, but little did she know how cruel and viscous this world was. 

All its habitants, pretenders they all were, she just had to learn the hard way. With their dummy smiles, they hide their cold heart, welcome you to the beautiful image they seem to be perfect at painting. 

She had to learn the hard way, allowing her heart to warm up to the new faces she was longing to be part of, only to have them stab it and turn it into dust. Killing a piece of her, making her afraid to be amongst them. 

The erge to find new shelter had never been so strong, longing for her angel to come rescue her, tears run down her face as she holds the grains of what use to be her heart in her hand.

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