Diary of a hopeless romantic - short story

Blue day…

Safi always hated feeling alone; having no one to talk to or someone to spend time with her. She filled her surroundings with people who always seem to keep her entertained but her best friend was her new puppy that she had begged her mother for.

Last born of two children, her world had always been just her, mother and her sister Lily. In her eyes, Lily was always the favourite, from having good grades to a great personality, Lily just had zero flaws. It was pretty clear that her mom was always proud and happy to be around Lily compared to her.

Being home was a nightmare for Safi today, she woke up in tears disappointed at another failed day, worse, a failed birthday. Laying on her bed she couldn’t help but count the people that genuinely cared about her; a moment of silence, as tears run down her face as she couldn’t even come up with one.

Yesterday was such a strange day; instead of her friends calling her, she dialled everyone in her phone book, they all seemed to have forgotten it was her birthday. She didn’t want to do anything really, was just hoping someone would offer to take her out or meet up, but it never seemed to be the case, worst, not even on her birthday.

She decided that she would spend her day in bed, telling her mom she wasn’t feeling to well when she offered to take her visiting sister and her to the mall. The real purpose of the outing was to “spend time” with her sister since she was back in town for the holidays. Being the third wheel as usual, Safi choose to stay home with Clay, her beloved puppy who always seemed to have time for her.

Another blue day in this 16 year olds life, the feeling of wanting to be alone but truly wanting affection filled her room as she closes her tearing eyes out of emotional exhaustion.

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