Diary of a hopeless romantic - short story

Happily ever after…

At age 5, Safi always dreamed about the day she would wear a beautiful white dress and live happily ever after with her prince charming.

At 13, she wondered if this dream would come true, being the ugly duckling of her grade, teased by all these ignorant teenagers for her lack of style and “unattractive” look. Being a teenager for her was far the worse time of her life, having friends that seem to have a better social life than her, she held on to the idea of her wedding dress and prince charming.

Today is her 16th birthday, her Facebook account is showered with messages from all her friends wishing her a lovely day. She woke up with her phone in her hand, waiting to see if the boys she admired so much would call her, or even text her. The only person who ever seemed to care send her text at 12:03 am, first person to remember her special day.

J, she calls him, her secret admirer who never misses anything it seems, always a text and phone call away, this dark, mysterious yet notorious young man from her neighbouring high school that never seems to be available to meet with her , neither on weekends nor holidays.

He brought a smile on her face this morning, a cold winter day as the seasons prepare to change. Her mom comes to surprise her, but she is to occupied thinking about J, that she hardly notices. As part of her routine, she kisses her mom on the cheek, gets ready waiting for an imaginary phone call or text telling her to look outside her window to see him waiting for her…

Right now J seems to be her prince charming she had dreamed of all her life, only 16, she places her focus on the happily ever after that awaits her through L.O.V.E…

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