Cold winter

Its so cold, this everlasting winter seems to last longer than usual.

As she sits alone in her room, she longs for company, yet she strives to be on her own. Her angel appeared to her today, he seemed so cold as he reached out to listen to her cry, unable to tell him how she feels as the last time they spoke did not end well. Even angels seem to not want anything to do with her, for her cold heart as turned her into restless puppy destroying every piece of furniture in its sight.

Feels like just yesterday when her angels sat around her, guarding her frail heart as she laid in on the ground with a broad smile on her face as the sun touched her soft skin. Now the only few that remain are weary as her new faces replace her old ones.

Her angels, each so precious to her, she holds them so close to her heart, so close they could break her. Today they strengthened her, wiped away her tears as they stir joy back into her lifeless soul, I am ok, she feels, a feeling she did not think would ever come so soon.

About to embark on a new path, she picks herself up and dusts off all her pain; this is it, she tells herself, for a new journey can only bring forth a hope for a brighter tomorrow, more brighter than the yesterday she dwelled in.

This cold winter, might just end sooner than she expects it to, I mean, no one can ever be hundred percent sure when it comes to weather, can they?

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