Behind her face (part 2)

She woke up today frightened of her future, thinking “how will I make it out of this hole” as the ground opened up to swallow her. 

Constantly need to be reassured that life is not that bad, that I am strong enough to take what it throws at me, that … “it doesn’t really matter coz I don’t believe them”

Going out in the world today with my head held high and smile broader than that of an infant when seeing it’s Mother. Look at her, they say, I want to be just like her. 

This gets easier with time, each face is easier to wear; the smiles, sparkling eyes and everlasting laughter, is almost natural. They hardly even notice the hollow soul hidden behind these faces. 

Behind this pretty smile, she longs to find herself, lost as ever, the light seems so dim. 

As the night sets, her demands return to torment her; thoughts of sadness and sorrow; thoughts of despair surrounds her room as she hangs her pillow soaked in tears…

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