DRC locally produced beauty pageants restores dignity to the nation 

PYGMA Communications together with DRC Vodacom and many other sponsors took it upon themselves to bring back respect and dignity to our local beauty Queens through a well planned and executed Miss RD Congo (and Miss Vodacom)

The support the congolese community showed to the competition as a whole as well as its contestants has been truly amazing; from the Provincial selections to the crowing ceremony that took place on the 10th of September 2016.

Could it be that the congolese community perceptions of beauty Queens is changing due to the fact that the recent Queens have proven to uphold the values and principles that they were taught and truly doing something positive for their community? 

I must say this makes me proud to see young woman entering these pageants, not trading any part of themselves to get the crown like many others would. It is also a relief to have organisations like that of Miss RD Congo understanding the fear that many mothers have in allowing their daughters to compete in such competitions, as the men in the industry require them to do certain practices that deteriorate their value and goes against their morals, in order to win…

Well done to Miss RD Congo 2016 for restoring the respect of being a congolese women and beauty queen back in the nation and world, as well as crowning well deserving ladies as Miss RD Congo 2016; queen and princesses.

I hope that the pride of being a women can and will be respected and that young ladies will not give into the pressure to trade themselves for a crown.

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