To be different…

As a teenager, you want to be noticed, to not just be in the background and most of all not be “weird“.
It isn’t easy to just wake up one morning  and be comfortable in your skin, it takes a lot of self-understanding and discovering to achieve that.

One thing I learned from my older sister is that being unique is good. It’s ok to not blend in, you just have to learn to be comfortable with it.
Unlike her, I’m not completely comfortable with that, I still hate being stared at when I walk (which I still don’t understand what people look at exactly) but as a girl of my height and features, I have to learn to live with it. Funny enough as a teenager I always liked being called “weird/random” because that meant that I was not just the boring ordinary girl next door.

I just wish we could all just learn to be our true selves, to not be afraid of liking something different that may not be in the lines of “Turning up” or what ever everyone does these days. I must say seeing all these different styles these days is a lot to get use to but different is beautiful (I guess)….

2 thoughts on “To be different…

  1. I’m really struggling with this. My true self. I think we end up burying it really deep to try and be normal and bot weird that it’s hard to refind it


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