What we all want… Ladies?

Am I accurate to say that most of us ladies dreamed or still dream about the perfect man; a guy who will love us just right, care about us…
Do such men even exist?

As young adults, we go through relationship disasters of which some just seem unbearable at the time making us really wonder if we even meant have a better half. After all these hurdles we start to lose faith in the male species/soul mate, thinking they are all jerk. But in the midst of all these heartbreaks and pain, there is that one person that is looking; wiping your tears, listening to all your troubles and just maybe waiting for the perfect timing to make a move.
Do we all not have that friend that seems to just care a bit too much for you, yet you keep them in the “friendzone” thinking “nah, we just won’t work”

Just maybe the perfect man/soul mate we looking for is the guy stuck in the “friendzone” with the seat belt on waiting for you to just give him a chance. I guess with relationships you can’t really say what do you have to lose? The most obvious answer would be; uhm your heart. But what if we did just give them a chance, just maybe we could be happy at last….

Again it’s just a thought, let me know what you think…

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