Acceptance of natural hair

Since I fully transitioned to natural hair, I’ve learned how to love and appreciate my natural beauty. 11 months later I am still proud of the decision I made, but yet there are still a few hurdles that make me uneasy and test my confidence, which brings me to this…

I think what I hate the most about being a natural is people’s comments about my hair, just because I refuse to wear it straight or combed doesn’t not mean that I am not sophisticated or have nothing to give the the world.
The natural hair movement has been gaining great momentum yet in Africa, the perception of natural hair is still classified as poor, low class or/and unsophisticated. We speak about Black conciousness and Pan-Africanist, shouldn’t learning to accept your natural beauty and not conform to the oppressors ways, be a step in changing our nation?

That’s just one of the ways I view Black conciousness

by Laura Bingoto
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