Feelings/Emotions people should not have to experience…

I was just sitting trying to calm myself down from a pretty emotional moment I had earlier on, when all these thoughts and emotions started rushing through my mind. It brought me to this; ”

feelings I think one should never have to feel or experience”

Society often thinks being Depressed means to be down 24/7, show suicidal signs and other visible symptoms, well depression is more than just the physical and it varies from one person to another. I think it’s just one thing a person should never have to experience, it’s like being in a hole and struggling to get to the light that you wish you had.
I believe that depression like any other emotion, can influence those around you; a depressed person can make others feel down and have similar emotions.

Growing up in a very judgemental society is another thing that should be frowned upon. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that societies that have strong morals and values are wrong, I just think that those who aren’t open minded to the world should try to be. I grew up in a pretty judgemental environment, it’s effect on my self esteem and view of life was not pleasant… Just my opinion and experience, I would say that such an environment can develop the fear of the unknown so large that one starts to hate and discriminate against anything different…

I know I’m not exactly listing emotions and feelings, just aspects that may evoke certain emotions…
Lastly, I think one that would top it all off, would be growing up with an absent mother and father figure, for multiple psychological reasons, it’s not ideal for a child although certain circumstances allow for it to happen… Every society should do its best to assure that fatherless/motherless children have some sort of father/mother figure to be there for them emotionally.

by Laura Bingoto
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