Letter to ten year old me

Dear Laura

Its the year 2004 and you are now a decade old. This year is going to go by very fast, so cherish every minute of it. In a few months grandma will no longer be around, if you can, ask mom and your sisters to take lots of pictures as your memories of her will soon fade away.

I know you not quite fond of reading and you do not understand why your sisters nag you so much just to finish a book, but its important. This excuse of your being “better at writing than reading” is lame trust me. Think about this, in a few years to come, you will not be able to write in french anymore and even take time to read it, so save yourself the stress that is about to come and read more.

Cherish every friend you have as you will miss them, beware of the bad ones and do try your best to remember each one them. Coming to South Africa will be exciting and fun but it is not as you imagined it, so don’t get your hopes up. The people here are not always welcoming and you will come across some means ones but doesn’t make them all bad, so don’t hate them.

Being ten means that you are a tween now, just don’t give your sisters a hard time unless you want to keep being scold at, spend a lot of time with mom, talk to Grace more, don’t be shy, make friends and get out of your sister’s shadow…

Lastly, don’t eat more than you need, food will always be around, be observant and listen to your sisters. They want what’s best for you…

The older you


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