A letter to six year old me

Dear Little Laura

One day you will be able to speak English fluently and look back at the younger you.
The world is going to be mean, just because you need your big sister to defend you at protect you doesn’t make you a cry baby. Being emotional is OK, just don’t let others take it as your weakness.

You just realised that daddy is no longer here and that you never knew him, not to worry, your sisters and mother are there to make it all OK. Your current circumstances will not be permanent, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Tell mommy you love her each time you see her, keep working hard in school.

Enjoy being the last born, mommy is not going to be having other baby so don’t get your hopes up. There is so much I would like to say to you but I just don’t have the words to explain them to you for you to understand…

Oh i almost forgot, don’t break ya Grace’s barbies, handle them with care, it makes her really mad… and DO NOT OVER WASH YOUR BARBIES HAIR, it will never be good at new…🙈🙈

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