Confession – Judging others

I have a confession to make, I use to be one of those girls that would make bad remarks on other girls just to make me feel better. Was quick to judge especially when it came to appearance.
Soon I realised that I shouldn’t do that because I don’t like it when it’s done to me. Lately I have started to apply this method; to look at the good side of people no matter what the situation is. This has been hard but I try my best to master it, don’t get me wrong I’m not saying I don’t judge anymore, I just think about it before doing it now.

One thing I realised is that often people would criticise and be mean because they don’t have the courage that the girl they are making fun of has. I’m tired of bringing people down and making the world revolve around appreance and beauty. So what if you not cool, don’t have the best fashion sense or a model body, at least you are real and true to yourself….

I admire girls that are comfortable in their perfectly imperfect body and that do not try to impress other, that is still a still I have to master…

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