Relationships: Can we really fully comprehend it

I am sure we have all had elders or our parents tell us to focus on school first and not on dating or finding a partner, well I think I’m only starting to realise the significance in that.

I admire couples that met in their teens and end up getting married and spending the rest of their lives together, it’s inspiring. The sad part it, that doesn’t happen to everyone, for the rest of us who it won’t happen to, we end up thinking that our taste in the opposite sex sucks or that there is something wrong with us.
You start trying to not read too much into a person because your previous relationships failed due to that only to realise that just maybe you should have just sticked to reading in between the lines….

One can never fully understand life, especially when relationships are concerned; every girl and guy are different and come with different goals and expectations, all one can hope for is to not be destroyed or consumed by this person and to grow one another and to unleash ones true potential…

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